The bar looked very good and welcoming. Megan and Peggy were on hand to meet and greet and make everyone feel welcome. Moving over to the restaurant we immediately noticed something different. It was of course the white tablecloths. It was lovely to see them back after such a long absence. I am sure you will agree it makes Sunday lunch a special occasion. The tables were well laid and we were looked after by staff led by Amanda who always provides attentive and caring service. What an asset to the club. We were also pleased to meet Gigi and Rhea who grew in confidence as the lunch progressed. Well done to Amanda, all the bar and wait staff.

Finally, last but not least Chef Craig showed off his culinary skills. The meal he produced was of the highest quality. I had the chicken and Steph the beef. Steph gave me a sample of the beef and I wished I had it too only the chicken was delicious. We paid him the utmost compliment we could by returning 4 clean and empty plates. Our party thoroughly appreciated his skill and effort. On this showing I know you will keep him on won’t you?

Finally, if you will allow, may I say a word of thanks to Kenton and his committee. From reading the results of the survey I am sure the improvements we experienced yesterday are down to him and his fellow committee members. When I met Kenton yesterday I said I would drop you a line so, despite the Latin start, I hope you will accept this encomium as meeting that obligation. Encomium, “a hymn of praise”!

Yours aye,

Alick Mulhall